Ask Kim – February 22

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One of the women in my office seems to be vying for my job.  I am a department of one and have been in my role for a number of years.  This co-worker has asked her supervisor for permission to “learn” my job.  I’m not paranoid, but why in the world does she want to do this?  I don’t plan on going anywhere, but feel I need to watch my back.   What do you think?



Dear Susan,

I’m never surprised by people’s motivations any more.  Let’s say she only has the best of intentions and there isn’t some sinister reason behind her request.  How would you feel about then?  Okay or not okay? 

Seriously though, unless you have a reason to worry about your own job security, I wouldn’t give it much thought.  Maybe she has some free time and wants to help.  If you think she is trying to move her way into your chair, I would ask her directly.  There is a book I remember reading a few years ago; Swim with Sharks Without being Eaten Alive.  Might be worth a look.

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