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Ask Kim - February 4

Me and my husband want to save money so that we can buy a house, how can we break some bad habits and save more money without caving back to the bad habits.?

Linda S.



Dear Linda,


OMG, now I want to know about your bad habits! 


Seriously though, budgets stink - period.  However, you and the hubster have a goal.  You need to ask yourself “is the bad habit more important than a house?”  One of the easiest ways to save money is to automatically deposit money into your savings account.  That way, it never lands directly into your hot little hands.  Promise yourself you won’t touch the “house” money unless it’s a life or death emergency.  You need to get into the habit of spending less than you earn.  Put aside those bad habits and create a habit of saving for the things you want. 



How can we get our 2 and 4 year old to listen to us? We tried time outs, I have read everything I can on the internet and nothing is working.  It’s putting a strain on my husbands and mine relationship.

Carol G.



Dear Carol,


Two and four, huh?  You’ve got a long road ahead girlfriend.  As you apply your internet knowledge to raising these tots, keep in mind – you and the hubby are the boss.  I’ll bet the little ones have discovered you’ll let them play boss too! Time to be parents.  If you’re not the boss now, good luck to you both.


Seriously though, usually it IS the parent’s behavior that shapes the child’s response.  When we don’t follow through or change our minds about what will or won’t happen, the kids quickly catch on.  Children test limits all the time.  It’s our job to teach them responsibility, independence and self-regulation.  When parents don’t follow through, neither will the child.  Nanny 911 was an excellent tv show for real-life examples.  Think cause and effect.  Choices and consequences.  Once a kid begins to understand these relationships, things get easier.  Hang in there.  



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