Book Review: White Hot – Ilona Andrews

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“White Hot” begins a couple months after the “Burn For Me, another Ilona Andrews novel (previously reviewed).  Nevada is still doing her thing and hasn’t heard from Mad Rogan.  She’s happy.  But she can’t stop thinking about him.  Cue the next big problem and enter Mad Rogan.  Back to drive her crazy for another book. 

This time he’s much more pushy.  Insisting she admit her feelings. 


Kidnap a girl and expect her to fall in love!  But in his defense, he was doing his job and only hurt her a little?  And it was before he knew her….  In this one, the magic is even more off the charts and so is the chemistry.  They play a beautiful game of cat and mouse. 

But Nevada is finding out that her magic is stronger than anyone ever knew which adds a new problem.  If she becomes a prime, her and Mad Rogan will never work out.  You just don’t mix different magic together between houses.  If she becomes a house with her family, then she will have to choose someone else to marry and have children with. 

So fighting the bad guys, keeping your life a secret, working out your feelings for a crazy man with too much power, and deciding if you can marry someone you don’t love just to protect your family is the theme in this one. 

It’s a tough one, but as the reader there was no choice but to pick the ultimate bad guy…. especially when he turns into a romantic fool just for her.

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