Decorating for the holidays is a time for reminiscing and relaxing. You get your dusty box out of the basement, re-discover your old ornaments and knick-knacks, turn on your favorite holiday songs and maybe dance a little! It truly is a wonderful time. If you are like me, I like to make it extra special with food and drinks. We also like to visit a local tree farm, or a place that has local trees and wreaths available.

With Holiday fun comes stress. It is good to slow down and re-evaluate how we celebrate these meaningful days with family. Have you ever wondered how often artificial Christmas trees are replaced and tossed out into the dumpster?  The New York times quotes, “an environmental consulting firm in Montreal found that an artificial tree would have to be reused for more than 20 years to be greener than buying a fresh-cut tree annually.”  Perhaps this very statement changes your mind about that beautiful artificial tree you have.  These are the thoughts that plague my mind as I visit with friends and family. The solution to these thoughts is simple choices made through out the season. I’ve taken my eco-conscious into action and created a more meaningful time for my family. Slowing down our experience to create meaningful memories.

Don’t let a real Christmas tree or eco-friendly stress you out! I have researched and actively participate in an eco-friendly Christmas and though it sounds scary and perhaps Grinch like, it really can be just like the Christmas you are already experiencing, perhaps with more meaning behind it.

Having a green holiday, doesn’t mean changing everything all at once. Start with your tree and work your way through the rest.  You will make a difference by choosing to change your holiday into a more sustainable experience. In the coming weeks, we will discuss ways to minimize your footprint during the holidays. I hope this helps you make a better decision for your family, and I can promise you the smell of a real Christmas tree is worth it!

You might say having an artificial Christmas tree for years to come is a sustainable choice, what you will need to consider is the manufacturing of Christmas trees, and how you will dispose of it when you choose to go a different route, perhaps it was pre-lit and all the bulbs have gone out, and you think a new tree is easier to get.  Choosing to go the real Christmas tree route, you will want to find your old tree a new home. Re-purposing your old tree is great for those who are into DIY, you can give your tree a new life by turning them into new decorations. If you don’t want to let go, this is the perfect route.