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Dear Kim,

In my area, there is a cornfield right across from my home.  I told my husband that I was going to slip across the street one evening and grab a couple of ears for dinner.  He told me I shouldn’t do that because I would be trespassing.  I wasn’t talking about taking a bunch of corn, just a couple of ears.  I don’t believe they will be missed by anyone.  Doesn’t everybody do this?  I mean no harm.



Dear Susan,

Mmmm, nothing beats fresh corn on the cob in the summertime.  I live in a rural area and frequently see people stopped along the road grabbing some delicious corn from the field.  The only thing I can say is – “I hope the field belongs to them!”  Of course, it’s not okay to go snatch a couple of ears of corn!!!  You would be STEALING from the person who planted the crop.

Seriously though, crop theft is a major problem for farmers.  You may not think that taking a couple of ears of corn is a big deal, but if 100 people took a couple of ears it becomes significant.  Unfortunately, the incidence of crop theft has increased over the last few years.  Farmers have caught people picking their strawberries and stealing their pumpkins.  Not to mention their delicious corn.  Many are adding security features to their property.

I worked with a guy who planted an orchard on his property.  While he was outside in the yard, he witnessed a woman walk up to one of his apple trees and begin to pick apples.  He called out to her and asked what she was doing.  She said I’m just taking a few apples.  He said, well, give me your address so I can come over to your house and take some stuff!  She threw the apples on the ground and walked off in a huff.  Taking another person’s property is never okay.  When you see your farmer neighbor, simply ask if you could buy some of that delicious corn.  If you don’t know who it is, check out a farmer’s market or your local grocery store.  Bottom line – don’t take the corn!  BTW, your husband is correct.  It is trespassing.

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