Dear Kim,

With crime that seems to be on the rise, I’m thinking of installing some kind of security system at my home.  There are so many options, how do you choose?



Dear Anita,

We certainly have more options to consider when it comes to purchasing security systems.  The most important thing to remember however, is the “system” will only alert you and/or the authorities that help is needed.  Alarm systems will not prevent a breach of your home or property.  Places with very expensive and sophisticated security systems can be burglarized. 

Keep in mind, the primary hope with home security is they are a deterrent.  They make noise, call for help and can record what happened.  That is about the best that can be expected.  Multiple big barking dogs are also a wonderful deterrent.  Doggies do require constant care so unless you’re up for that, an alarm system is the best choice.

Seriously though, the biggest decision to make – do you want your system to be monitored or not?  If there is a breach, do you want a “monitoring” company to notify the proper authorities?  Without monitoring, you’ll be the one receiving the notifications.  Then it’s your responsibility to call law enforcement, fire department, etc.  For me, I knew that under stress, I felt more secure letting a monitoring service make that phone call.  It was important to me that help would be on the way regardless of what was


Once you make the monitored vs. not monitored decision you can choose a system that will suit your needs.  Alarm companies are happy to come to your home and make recommendations.  This can be very helpful whether you purchase a system through them or not.  Listen to their suggestions for areas to protect and then you can choose a system that will work for you.

Stay safe.

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