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Dear Kim,

I have an age-old problem and it doesn’t just happen at home.  It happens all the time in the office.  For some reason, people don’t like to change the empty toilet paper roll.  It goes well beyond which way the roll should face.  Not replacing the toilet paper roll is criminal.  How do I get the people around me to be more considerate?



Dear Stephanie,

OMGoodness, this takes me back to the Seinfeld days.  Elaine finds herself in a public bathroom stall with no toilet tissue.  She asks the person in the next stall to pass her some.  The neighbor tells her she “doesn’t have a square to spare” and won’t give her any.  LOL!!!  At least she had someone next door to ask!  At home, that empty roll may require you having to yell for assistance.  If you’re wise and keep the stash in the bathroom, it never seems quite close enough.  At work, that’s a whole other ballgame and needs to be addressed to the group.

Seriously though, the reason most people don’t change the roll is pure laziness!  Why?  Because someone else will do it.  Especially at home, people are counting on someone (you) in the house be the responsible one. 

In the workplace, that’s totally unacceptable behavior from your teammates.  I’ve provided in-service training at a staff meeting to make sure everyone has a clear understanding of how the little spindle thingy works and the how the t.p. roll slides on to it.  People were embarrassed and that seemed to solve the problem.  At least for a little while.

I’m sure you have addressed the issue at home.  Since that hasn’t worked, I read a brilliant recommendation.  Every time you leave the bathroom, remove the roll and place it where you store the t.p.  The next person in the loo will have no choice but to get a roll.  It may not get placed properly on the spindle, so you’ll have to work up to that.  People will soon get the hint if it’s not in the holder, the toilet paper disappears.

At work, I’d let your supervisor know it is becoming a problem.  There are many great YouTube videos to help train staff.

Good luck girlfriend!

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