Dear Kim,

My neighbor flies a drone around the neighborhood.  I think it has a camera on it, and it will hover over people up and down the block.  Isn’t this an invasion of privacy?  I want to be civil about this, but it makes me really uncomfortable.  What should I do?



Dear Sandy,

I just heard Amazon got approval to use drones for package delivery.  I hope those little things don’t drop a package on someone’s head!  (I’m recalling old Roadrunner cartoons).  Lol.

Seriously though, drones are everywhere.  There are rules associated with flying them.  The rules seem to depend on whether they are flying for fun and/or recreation, or they are flying the drone commercially.

I see there are lots of restrictions around airports.  Some municipalities have adopted their own regulations around drone use.  Probably the easiest thing to do is find the person with the remote control in their hand and strike up a conversation.  I would keep it friendly.  Find out about the drone.  Let them know it’s creeping you out a bit.  They might just think it’s funny to fly around people, not really knowing how it’s effecting you.  I would always start by asking kindly. 

If talking doesn’t help and seems to be stalking you when you’re outside, call the police.  They can give you the rundown depending on your specific situation.

Good luck.

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