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Dear Kim,

My girlfriend wants to “rescue” a dog from the human society.  I say, it’s really not a rescue, but more like posting a bail bond.  I think “rescue” means saving an animal that is under imminent threat or is being harassed in some fashion.  I see animals at the pound as being jailed.  They get three hots and a cot.  You get my drift?  What do you think?  Help settle this argument, is it a rescue or are we taking an ex-con into our home?



Dear Joker,

I am picking up what you’re putting down, and it’s hysterical!!!  Unlike the typical criminal scenario, I think you should think of these animals as homeless.  They have arrived at the shelter through no fault of their own. 

The “criminal” animals; the biters, maulers, etc. don’t get placed at the shelter for adoption.  They go directly to animal jail and usually get the death penalty.  All without the benefit of a trial, I might add.  No one truly knows what lead to their life of bad behavior (crime).  My money would always be their improper upbringing, but no one argues that on their behalf.

Seriously though, depending on the shelter, some animals are under imminent threat.  Because space and funds are not unlimited, animals face lethal injection if not “rescued” within a set timeframe.  So, you are in fact truly rescuing the animal.  You have an opportunity to get them off the Green Mile.”  There are “no kill” shelters in the area.  So, while the threat is not imminent, these animals need loving homes too!

I am 100% behind the “adopt don’t shop” line of thinking.  So many animals are just waiting to be rescued.  If you can add one of these pets into your home, giving it the love and care it deserves, then do it! 

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