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Dear Kim,

With all the holiday parties in full swing, what do you think about people drinking (sometimes too much) in front of their co-workers and bosses.  I like to have a cocktail once in a while.  Does it make me look bad in front of the higher-ups?  Is it okay to have a good time?



Dear Carole,

I always enjoy the television shows that highlight drunken employees at the holiday party.  There’s always a couple off doing stuff in the supply closet.  The guy with the lampshade on his head.  And no one can erase the thought of people taking pictures of their bare bottoms on the copy machine!  Of course, you can have a good time!  That’s what parties are all about.  If alcohol is being served, it is meant to be drank. 😊

Seriously though, you certainly can enjoy a cocktail or two.  Maybe three or four depending on how long the party lasts.  It is usually suggested about one drink per hour if you’d like to keep your wits about you.  Throw in some water and food and you’ll probably by okay.  You know your limits.  If it’s a work event, I would always suggest moderation.  You don’t want to make the highlight reel for next year’s party. 


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