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Dear Kim,

I’m not sure why, but people are always hitting me up for money.  It’s not like I’m rich.  I work for my paycheck like everyone else.  I manage to pay my bills and put food on the table.  I was enjoying a night out at the casino and had an acquaintance ask to borrow money.  I can’t go anywhere.  Most of these people never pay me back.  How do I get this to stop?



Dear Anonymous,

Darn, I’m a gambler.  If I only knew what you looked like, I’d know where to go when I’m out of cash!!!  I didn’t know I could ask my slot machine neighbor for money and get back in the game. 😊  Guess what?  Running out of funds at the casino means – it’s time to go home. 

Seriously though, I can see why people ask you for money.  You must say YES!  Never give people money at the casino.  The odds for return are not in your favor.  You don’t need to lose twice!!

Most of us want to help our friends or family if they’re having a hard time.  Unless you’re okay with never seeing your money again, don’t do it. 

Lending money to anyone is always a bad idea.  Many relationships are ruined over an unpaid loan.  I have a cousin who borrowed money from me a long time ago.  She never paid me back and I didn’t see her again for years.  I guess loaning someone money is one way to get them go away!

The funny thing is – it seems easier for someone to ask you for money, than it is for YOU to ask to get YOUR money back.  Why is that?  Because – you’re the financially responsible one.  Financially responsible people don’t let their debts go unpaid.  We wouldn’t dream of it.  We’ve probably all had to borrow lunch money when we’ve forgotten our wallet.  No worries, that stuff happens.  The debt gets repaid the next day.  No one needs to remind anybody.  That’s the way it should work.  For larger sums, the next day probably isn’t possible or they wouldn’t need a loan.  You should however expect to get your money back.  So, ask for it!  Asking didn’t work, demand it!  Still no money?  You might need to enlist the help of some friends (wink wink).  I’m joking.  You can wish them well and kiss your money goodbye.

Now, to answer your question.  You can’t stop people from asking.  You can however stop opening your bank account to people who want to borrow.  Just say no my friend, just say no.  If for some reason you can’t say no, ask yourself are you willing to give this as a gift?  If not, just say no.

Good luck!

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