Dear Kim,

I haven’t seen my doctor or dentist since COVID-19 has impacted our country.  I keep rescheduling my appointments as I am scared to go into their office buildings.  I have been extremely cautious due to my own personal risk factors, so I stay at home.  Problem is, I do have some medical needs.  How can I possibly go to my appointment and stay safe?



Dear Trent,

I’ve always heard that if you want to get sick, go to the hospital.  It makes perfect sense to think of medical facilities as germ factories.  There are sick people in these places for Pete’s sake!  I can see how you would make the same connection with your doctor and dentist offices.

Seriously though, germs are everywhere.  You shouldn’t focus on the “possibility” of getting sick in these places, but whether you’re “more likely” to get sick during a visit.  Most healthcare providers would say no.  The enhanced safety and sanitization methods being used are designed to reduce your risk.  The reality though is – germs are everywhere. 

It seems many people have put off visiting their healthcare providers since the start of the pandemic.  Experts suggest you could be putting your own general health at risk by not going.  My own experience at my doctor and dentist office is they are taking every precaution to ensure patient safety and their own.  Both used health screening questions before admittance.  Masks have been required.  All have used temperature checks, have limited people in the waiting areas, required handwashing and antiseptic mouthwash at the dentist before being seen. 

If you have questions about what your providers are doing to protect you, give them a call.  Speak to them about the safety measures they have in place for office visits.  Virtual care may be an option for you.  The bottom line – if you have medical needs don’t put those visits off.  Call your doctor.

Stay well,


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