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Dear Kim,

My neighbor is the Clark Griswold of Christmas lights.  It is a complete waste of electricity and an eyesore on the entire neighborhood.  I don’t want to be Scrooge, but when is too much, too much?



Dear Anonymous,

Oh, the joys (and stresses) of the holidays.  I hate to say it, but it does sound a tiny bit Scroogish to me! 😊  I know it can be difficult to appreciate someone else’s decorating style.  It is important for you to remember the spirit of the season.  If your neighbor decorates like the Griswold’s, there was a ton of time, energy and money expended to achieve the “look”.  You might have to buy yourself a sleep mask to block out the lights shining into your bedroom.  Other than that, there isn’t much to be done.

Seriously though, it must bring your neighbor joy to decorate their home and yard.  Although you don’t love it, I encourage you to accept in the spirit for which it was intended.  I’m certain your neighbor is only hoping to spread holiday cheer.  Do your best to see it that way.  We all don’t have the same tastes or styles.  That diversity is what makes the world go ‘round.  This isn’t permanent, so I suggest you be a good neighbor and focus on the positive.  The holidays will be over before you know it.


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