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Dear Kim,

I would love to get a massage.  Trouble is, I don’t know what to ask for and I don’t want to take off my clothes.  What do I do?



Dear Ellen,

Ahhh, a great massage can soothe both the body and the mind.  The art of massage has many health benefits.  It supports circulation, can improve immunity, help with anxiety and aid in sleep quality.  Trouble is, you should be relaxed – not tense for your appointment.  That’s tough when you’re anxious (“not in a good” way) about the appointment.

Seriously though, I believe there are a few things to consider.  Massage is a VERY personal service, so you need to be comfortable with someone touching you.  If you don’t like physical contact, massage isn’t for you. 

Also, you don’t have to be naked to get a massage.  Only remove clothing you are comfortable removing.  There’s no judgement!  Massage therapists are professionals.  If you decide to get undressed, it won’t be a problem.  Your therapist will keep you covered with some type of draping.  Want your clothes on?  It’s your money and your comfort is primary!

At your first appointment, you’ll be able to share with your therapist what you’re looking for in the massage.  If you want something on the gentle side to get started, they’ll do that.  Looking for a deep tissue massage?  They’ll do that too.  Feel free to communicate along the way.  Let your therapist know if anything is painful, or you just don’t like it.  Again, it’s your money!

Finally, not all massage therapists are truly massage therapists!  Be sure you are scheduling an appointment at a reputable spa or establishment.  Kansas doesn’t require massage therapists to be licensed.  You want to ensure that your therapist has received the proper training from an accredited school.

Now, relax and enjoy!  I’m a little jealous.

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