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Dear Kim,

My neighbor likes to mow at 8A Saturday morning, regularly. Houses in the neighborhood are close enough that it acts as an alarm clock. I was brought up that mowing that early was disrespectful to neighbors, and that 10A or 11A was more appropriate. Before I go have a conversation – I want to know your thoughts? Am I unreasonable?


Junction City

Dear Anonymous,

Oh boy, aren’t neighbors a pain in the pants!?  Try to look at it this way, at least your neighbor mows!  My neighbor has mowed their lawn about 3-1/2 times so far this year.  Their lawn is a jungle and I hate it!  It’s kind of ironic, it was just this past weekend my neighbor decided to mow his backyard and it woke me up.  I was thrilled the lawn was being mowed and didn’t care that I was awakened.

Seriously though, there are many schools of thought on what the best time is to mow the lawn.  For courtesy reasons, most experts suggest mowing the lawn after breakfast and before dinner.  The problem is your neighbor eats breakfast before you do.

I find that most people prefer to mow early to beat the heat of summer.  Since we are talking about a weekend, when people are trying to sleep at little later, I don’t think a civil conversation would hurt.  I’m certain you will find your neighbor has their reasons for mowing early on a Saturday.  Keep in mind it may be the only time available in their schedule to get the chore done.  Trust me, you want them to care for their yard.  It never hurts to ask if mowing could happen a little later since it is disturbing you.  Just remember to be courteous and understanding when you have the conversation.  Thoughtfulness goes a long way.

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