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Dear Kim,

I’m thinking of having some cosmetic surgery.  I’ve been told by several of my friends that I should go out of the U.S. to save mega dollars.  What are your thoughts?



Dear Hanna,

As I get older, I frequently consider a touch up here and there myself.  I’m guessing you’ve done some research on the cost of whatever procedure(s) you’re seeking?  The price of any medical procedure varies widely across the country.  There is even a substantial difference in cost between getting something done locally versus going to Kansas City.  To me, since we are talking about a cosmetic procedure, the outcome far outweighs cost savings.  We’ve all seen photos of botched cosmetic surgeries that no amount of money can repair.  You don’t want that!

Seriously though, you couldn’t pay me enough to seek this care outside of the U.S.  I’ve heard too many horror stories.  From questionable credentials, to extremely poor after care and generally poor results.  That’s not to disparage anyone or any place.  I just know that all medical training is not created equally.  Some countries require far less education and training to obtain a license to practice medicine.

I understand that this kind of treatment can be very expensive.  Rather than focus on the dollars involved, focus on the individual performing the surgery.  In my opinion, it is completely about the doctor!  I once heard someone ask, “Do you know the difference between the doctor who graduated at the top of the class versus the doctor who graduated at the bottom?”  The answer is, nothing!  Both individuals are able to get licensed and practice medicine.

If you are contemplating someone holding a scalpel anywhere near your body, you should have complete trust in them and the care you will receive.  Check their credentials, look at before and after’s.  See if you can speak to other people they’ve worked on.  And finally, get a clear understanding from your doctor about expected outcomes.  They don’t have a magic wand and can’t turn you into your favorite celebrity.  Keep in touch!  Let me know how it goes.

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