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Dear Kim,

How do you keep yourself safe in such a crazy society?  There seems to be such a breakdown in civilized behavior anymore.  People find themselves in danger because someone doesn’t like their choice of music at a gas station.  Shopping for school supplies at Walmart requires body armor.  Not to mention driving down the street minding your own business.  Road rage is rampant.  The rhetoric is always you must arm yourself.  Is this the wild, wild, west?  Besides living in a bunker and staying in there, what can a person do to help keep themselves safe?



Dear Anonymous,

It is certainly a different time.  Current events have been heartbreaking.  I just saw on the news (again) they’re selling bullet-proof backpacks for school children.  I wish there was a way to just make it all stop.  Our lawmakers struggle with this issue.  I know in my heart of hearts they want to do the right thing.  Whatever that is.  Balancing an individual’s right, against another’s ability to violate them, can’t be easy.  The bad guy isn’t wearing a black hat!

Seriously though, probably some of the best advice I can share, came from a Topeka Police Officer.  He spoke to us about situational awareness.  He pointed out that most of us go about our day-to-day lives completely oblivious to everything around us.  If you think about it for a minute, you’ll know that’s true.  There are volumes written about situational awareness.  Our officer spoke of the OODA Loop.  This was a tool developed by a military strategist to explain how individuals (and organizations) can win in uncertain and chaotic environments.  That’s what we’re talking about, right?

The OODA Loop is an acronym that explains the four steps of decision making:





My best advice is really focus on situational awareness.  What’s happening in your environment? What are your options?  How are you going to react?  Then do it.  Check out the Ultimate Guide to the OODA Loop.  This insight can be helpful in navigating everyday life in today’s world.  Stay safe.

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