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Dear Kim,

I keep seeing lots of Facebook posts regarding teenagers Trick-or-Treating on Halloween.  Do you think it’s okay?



Dear Dan,

I’ve been seeing lots of those Facebook posts as well.  Halloween is a such a fun time for kids.  The costumes, the candy, the fun.  What other time of the year do you send your little ones out begging the neighbors for a treat?!

Seriously though, I’m of the mindset of the more the merrier!  Many adults host Halloween parties.  It’s a blast to dress up and participate in the fun.  Because you’ve reached a “certain” age, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the holiday.

Halloween as always been associated with a night of mischief.  That being said, I remember trick-or-treating and it was the group of “big” kids that scared or worried me.  You hear stories of bigger kids taking smaller children’s candy or taunting them in some fashion.  The idea behind the Facebook post is that most people would rather have their teen trick-or-treating, than being up to some other inappropriate activity.  I agree with that completely.  If they behave themselves.  No trashing decorations or throwing pumpkins around.  I’m happy to give candy to whomever shows up at my door. 

The good news is parents usually accompany their children when they make their rounds.  That removes the fear-factor and helps keep mischief to a minimum.  For about a dime (or less), you can put a smile on someone’s face.  No matter the age.

Have fun!

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