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Dear Kim,

My wife and I are starting a DIY home improvement project.  This is really the only time we argue.  I guess we both want to be the boss.  Any advice on how to make things easier?



Dear Anonymous,

This sounds bigger than a simple weekend warrior project.  Good for the both of you!  If you can tackle bigger home projects, you must have skills.  That’s awesome!

Although we don’t do anything major, my hubby and I occasionally try a project or two.  Just like you, it can spiral into a hearty exchange of opinions.  I tend to think I’m the brains (because I read the instructions) and my husband is the brawn (he does the work).  Our kids tease us about thinking we’re Bob Villa and Martha Stewart when neither one of us can barely use a screwdriver. 

Seriously though, I think you should both sit down and go over the plan before you begin.  I suggest you each take on different tasks.  That way, no one has to be the boss.  You do your thing and let her do hers.  If either of you need help (or bossing), you know where to find each other.  If you can talk about the process before you start, some of the stress of real-time tension can be eased.  Otherwise, you both may need to take a deep breath and remember you’re a team. Remember, some tension in a relationship is healthy.  Without it, you’ve got vanilla pudding! 😊

Good luck.

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