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Dear Kim,

We are a house divided.  My partner is a President Trump supporter.  I am not.  I find it very hard to reconcile his feelings with mine.  I am seriously considering a divorce.  I clearly don’t share the same ideals as the man I married.  Can we make this work?



Dear Anonymous,

It’s not just you and yours having this difficulty.  The country is a house divided.  I have witnessed firsthand, sometimes heated exchanges between people who love each other because of the President.  Politics is such a divisive topic.  I can understand how you may feel your differences with your partner are insurmountable.

I’ve had conversations with friends I thought I knew, only to find out that we have many philosophical differences.  To be honest, I’ve considered separating myself from these people because I’m stunned by what they do and don’t support.  I’ve witnessed nasty remarks tossed around on social media platforms that really get under my skin.  I get mad and want to enter the fray.  So far, I’ve bitten my tongue, not engaged and have kept my thoughts to myself.  However, I’m not living with that person.  I would probably want to kick them to the curb as well. 😊

Seriously though, before taking drastic action consider these words from Aristotle.  “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”  I try to keep these words in mind, rather than unfriending a good portion of my colleagues.  I’m sure your partner has many loveable qualities that brought you two together. I would ask you both to consider whether you care more about each other than you do the person (President) who’s causing the friction?  I don’t know President Trump and am not in his circle, so I wouldn’t let him hurt my relationship.  You might want to seek professional help if you two aren’t able to get past the issues.

Whether you like the President or not, you must concede that he is a showman.  Using tweets and rally speeches, he is able to maintain his base.  He frequently talks “fake news” all the while using all media platforms to his advantage.  Good, bad, or otherwise, you’ve got to give him that!

Good luck.

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