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Hidden Legacy Series – by Ilona Andrews

Stockholm Syndrome at it’s best?  I started this series because it was recommended to me from some of the other authors I read.  It’s all about magic and sex, but with a definite twist from my more myth-born books.  It took me about half way through the first book to really get hooked.  It’s written in current times, but magic is prevalent everywhere.  Not hidden to different species.  In the late 1800s, someone figured out how to genetically infuse magic into people.  Not everyone was able to take the magic, but the ones who did, then went on to have children with magical abilities.  This has evolved into current day where there are “houses” of different magical abilities.  Each house has at least one “prime.”  This means they are the most powerful of their house.  The rest of the non-magical world basically leaves them alone and lets them fight it out amongst themselves unless they break rules that current legislation has put into place.  That’s the background and I admit a little boring.  However, read on!

“Burn For Me” introduces us to Nevada Baylor.  She has the power of truth but hides it from the world.  She’s basically a human lie detector.  With her mom, grandma, sisters and a couple of cousins, she runs a detective agency specializing in cheating spouses and fraud.  But through a series of events, she has to find a “prime” that is killing people.  Unfortunately, Mad Rogan (an incredibly powerful and very dangerous prime) is also after the prime and he does not play nice.  He ends up kidnapping Nevada, chaining her in the basement to get information.  Fireworks ignite, but are they good or bad.  Mad Rogan is definitely interested, but Nevada?  Well she’s a little irate that he kidnapped her and chained her up.  However, even with that tiny issue of kidnapping, they do join together to fight the bad guy.  In between you will “see” some of the coolest magic!  Monsters summoned from other worlds, vehicles picked up and thrown like toys, human flame throwers, plants that will eat you, animals that will do whatever their master bids, you name it, it’s probably in here.  And the sexual chemistry is off the charts even if they don’t like each other much in the beginning….

Next review will be of ‘White Hot’, the next book in the series!

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