Book Review: Wildfire & Diamond Fire – Ilona Andrews

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“Wildfire” picks up where “White Hot” left off, but with Nevada deciding she does have to become a house – in no way will she let Mad Rogan go. 

Everyone is against her, but she really doesn’t care.  He’s worth it.  (And I agree…minus the whole kidnapping and torture thing…).  But in this book we find out her sisters and cousins have a whole lot of powers no one knew about. 

They are going to be one powerful house if the rest of the houses don’t kill them first! 

What an amazing fight!

“Diamond Fire” is a novella about – and you knew where this was headed – the wedding!  Add in crazy rich primes, a siren, a monster (and they are the good guys), a poisoned cake, a missing tiara and chaos ensues. 

It’s a short one, but it’s beautiful to see the happily ever after for Nevada and Mad Rogan (or Conner as he’s not so mad anymore).

Ilona is continuing the series with a new trilogy about Nevada’s sister.  I cannot wait.  I imagine being a siren and unable to talk without people falling at your feet and trying to pull you apart one piece at a time just to have a part of you is not so easy.  Finding true love will be even more interesting.  

The start of this trilogy isn’t due until next January, so I’m going to have to wait a long time, but I will be reading it as soon as it comes out!

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