Something Extra: Puppy Love – Part VI

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Part 6

Weeks later, Zach, Spencer, and Humphrey returned to the dog park.  Humphrey ran circles around the two friends.  He was excited to stretch his legs and get some running in. 

“We need to go to the store after this,” said Zach.  “Humphrey needs more food.”

“Just make him a second portion of your stuff,” said Spencer.

“He doesn’t like human food,” said Zach.

“Because Trooby Snacks are so much healthier,” said Spencer.

As they walked along the park, Humphrey bounced around and greeted other people.  Spencer knelt down and grabbed a stick.

“Humphrey!” he yelled.  “Go fetch!”

Then Spencer threw the stick as far as he could.  It twirled in the air as Humphrey went chasing after the piece of wood.

“At least he plays fetch,” said Spencer.

They watched the stick land next to a girl and her fluffy dog.

“Hey!” screamed Spencer, excitedly.  That’s Heather.  She’s back.  She’s been working abroad.  That’s great!

Humphrey charged up to Heather and Gerbil.  He nearly ran right into her trying to fetch the stick.  When the situation calmed down Heather greeted Humphrey and they began to chat.

“He’s talking to her,” said Zach.  “Maybe he’ll finally put in that good word for you.”

Heather stepped closer to Humphrey, engaged in conversation.

“I don’t need a ‘good word,’” said Spencer.  I’m already in.  We’ve gone out.   She’s wonderful.  She’s the best.  And I’m going to marry her.

Zach’s mind drifted to Clare.  How was it so easy for Spencer?  Just like that he was with Heather.  Zach had to tell Clare his feelings for her.  But he was too afraid to ruin what they already had.

“Wait,” said Spencer, pulling Zach away from his daydream.  “Look.”

They watched as Heather gave Humphrey a treat.  He bounced on his toes as he munched down on the cookie.

“She’s feeding him,” thought Zach out loud.  Words of Humphrey’s routine echoed in his head.  He loved people that fed him.

Heather and Humphrey kept talking.  She scratched him under his chin.

“We need to get out of here,” said Spencer.  “Fast.”

Zach hesitated.  “What about Heather?”

“Humphrey is her problem now,” said Spencer.  “We need to escape.”

“I thought you were going to marry her,” stated Zach.

She smells like dog.  I’ll get over it, said Spencer, already walking backwards toward the exit of the dog park.

Zach nodded his head.  Run, Don’t look back.  He’s her problem now. 

Zach and Spencer made a mad dash for the exit gate.  Then the two friends washed their hands of the curse of Humphrey and never returned to the dog park again.


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