The challenge of being a working mom, military wife

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MANHATTAN, Kan. (KSNT) — Balancing a successful communications career, while being a mom and military spouse can be a lot to handle. But Katie Pawlosky makes it look easy, even when life is everything but that.

Mom, military wife, director of communications, Sunday school teacher. The list goes on for the many roles Katie holds in her everyday life.

“It’s just a ride,” said Pawlosky. “It’s the best challenge ever. I’m kind of high-paced, just like to be involved, love being around people.”

Katie’s positive and can-do attitude help her adapt to an everchanging lifestyle that comes with being married to someone in the military. 

“She supported me that whole time,” said her husband Adam Pawlosky. “But, then has done all these amazing things professionally while also being a military wife and an amazing mother and just supporting me in multiple deployments and being away.”

She’s always embracing any curveball life throws her way.

“I’ve told her I don’t know how she does it,” said Adam.

She always makes the most of it.

“What’s the good in being negative? What’s going to come of that I think is a good question I always ask myself,” said Katie. “Things are always going to change, but you can change with them and change for the better if you let it happen.”

Determination and connecting with people — those are just two qualities about her that have helped her achieve a successful career.

She started out as a content editor for a publishing company in Manhattan. Then, she transitioned over to marketing, where she would lead marketing campaigns for local and national businesses.  

“It’s always kind of come naturally,” said Katie. “It’s just something that I enjoy doing. 

She’s currently the Director of Communications for the National Bio and Agro-defense Facility in Manhattan.

“I like being able to take something that’s complex and kind of break it down to something that anyone could understand,” said Katie.

On top of having a successful career, if you ask her and Adam’s son Frankie, she’s also a pretty awesome mom.

“She makes me feel good because she does my laundry, she does my bed a lot, she does the dishes, she plays games with me. A lot of stuff,” said Frankie.

In 2018, Adam was deployed in southwest Asia for over a year. While he was gone, Katie took on the role of both mom and dad.

“We would go out to eat,” said Frankie. “I was her date a lot.”

“She did everything in that period of time,” said Adam. “I didn’t have to worry about anything while I was gone because of what she did. I saw a lot of issues over there between husbands and wives and parents. It was easier for me to do my job when I was gone because I knew back home everything was going to be taken care of and not everybody was that lucky.”

She knows all too well how to embrace a challenge. So that’s what she did — providing Frankie with a great example to follow.

“We made it through and my hope is that he saw us being confident and strong and thought if they can do this, I can do this too,” said Katie.

Whatever role Katie steps in to, she gives it her all — with a smile on her face.

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