TOPEKA (KSNT) – In North Topeka, you’ll find Shampayne Lloyd bringing faith to the community.

As a Chaplain for Topeka Rescue Mission Ministries, she works closely with the local homeless population. As a community advocate and spiritual supporter, she looks to uplift and support those who need it most.

From her experience, no matter what situation a person is in, everyone wants to matter and contribute to their society.

“If you think just because I’m homeless, or I’m addicted, or I’ve been trafficked — or whatever that I don’t want the same things you want and for my loved ones, you are sadly mistaken,” Lloyd said. “That is the biggest misconception. Everybody just wants to know that they matter, they are seen, and they are heard.”

Acting as a bridge for members of the community, helping people connect, and with a focus on spiritual healing, the work Shampayne is doing in the capital city truly makes her a remarkable woman.