TOPEKA (KSNT) – In Downtown Topeka, you’ll find Tara Wallace hard at work.

She’s a social worker, trauma therapist, member of the YWCA Board, co-chair of the Advocacy Committee and much, much more.

The Topeka native works with low income, low access members of the community. She tackles hardships that get in the way of families accessing resources they desperately need.

She helps families by building upon the foundation they already have, highlighting their strengths and filing in the gaps with her knowledge and experience.

“People are so used to hearing how they don’t have and they don’t do and all the negative aspects of their situation that they need someone to champion for them, and to point out all the things that are working,” Wallace said. “Usually when things are going wrong, those are the biggest things that people want to emphasize.” 

With a focus on enabling families by getting them the resources they need, and offering advice they need to hear, her dedication to helping the underdog succeed truly makes Tara a remarkable woman.