HORTON (KSNT) – From an early age, the values of helping others and the importance of music education resonated strongly with Patsy Lehew.

Seeing a need for youth activities around her hometown, Patsy and her husband started up the Meeshan Thunderbird 4H Club.

Creating a difference in young adults continued for Patsy, running a level 4 girls home in Great Bend, Kansas. Making the difference for 10 girls in high school and junior high, all on their way to lock up without Patsy’s guidance.

“You don’t want to run from your problems,” Lehew said. “It’s not going to help you, the problem’s still going to be there. You got to face what you’ve got, and try to make your life better.” 

Her dedication to keeping kids off the street by teaching the importance of leadership and educating those in her community truly makes Patsy a remarkable woman.