Achieving the best results with an eyelash curler

No matter what brand or quality of mascara you use, it can be difficult to add lift to your eyelashes. But curling your eyelashes makes them look thick and lush. 

Eyelash curlers have been around for a long time. But there are some best practices and tips you can follow to ensure you’re using them effectively and getting the best results possible.

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Types of eyelash curlers

Eyelash curlers look something like a pair of scissors. When you hold the curlers and squeeze the handles together, the movement operates the clamp mechanism. You curl your lashes by placing them between the clamp before squeezing the handles together. Beyond this basic shape, there are a few variations you can choose.


Most eyelash curlers are made from metal. There is rubber padding around the clamps, so the curler does not cut your eyelashes. However, if you’re allergic to metal, these types of eyelash curlers won’t be suitable. 


You can also get eyelash curlers made from plastic. They’re typically not as effective because the material isn’t as strong as metal eyelash curlers, but they are less expensive.


You can also use a heated eyelash curler to get a more dramatic effect. The battery-powered heater adds a moderate temperature to the clamps on the curler. Just like curling your hair, adding a bit of heat to your eyelash curler makes the curl last longer. 

How to use your eyelash curler for the best results

Step 1: Prime your eyelashes

First, make sure your eyelids and eyelashes are clean. Use some eye makeup remover to remove any mascara or other product from the area.

Next, apply some eyelash primer. Eyelash primer is typically a serum or cream and comes with an application brush. Using a primer before you curl your lashes will help them hold the curl for longer.

Step 2: Prep your eyelash curler

It’s important to clean your eyelash curler before and after each use. Unsanitary tools during makeup application can result in an eye infection. Keep your eyelash curlers clean by dampening a makeup wipe or cotton wool dampened with a facial cleanser and running it over the rubber clamps. 

If you are using a heated eyelash curler, turn it on and wait for it to warm up. You can also mimic a heated eyelash curler by holding a standard curler under a warm hairdryer for a few seconds before use. 

Step 3: Apply the curler to your lashes

Make sure your eyes are fully open and look directly into a mirror. Pick up your eyelash curlers and hold them loosely so the clamps are completely open. Hold the curler against your eye. The eyelashes on top of your eyelid should sit between the top and bottom clamp.

Take a moment to make sure all your eyelashes are inside the two clamps. This placement ensures your lashes curl evenly. The clamps should be close to your eyelid at the base of your eyelashes. Be careful not to go too close, or you might accidentally pinch your eyelids with the clamps. Gently close the clamps to check the placement is correct.

Step 4: Curl your lashes

Once the placement is correct, use the handles to clamp down on the eyelashes fully. Hold the curler steady and firmly but be careful not to clamp too hard. This can accidentally break or damage your eyelashes. Squeeze the clamp gently and hold for about 10 seconds.

Step 5: Avoid a crimped look or sharp angle

After you set the initial curl at the baseline of your lashes, release the clamps. Move the curler clamps slightly further out along your lashes and repeat the curling process. Do this a couple more times along your lash line to achieve a natural-looking curl.

Step 6: Set the curl

While applying mascara after curling isn’t necessary, it does help to hold the curl in place for longer. You can use a light coating of clear mascara or add your favorite shade.

What you need to buy for eyelash curling

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