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Which gas logs are best for your fireplace?

Thanks to gas-fueled fireplaces, you can enjoy the warmth and relaxation of a glowing flame without ever having to lift an ax. To finish the look and build a fully immersive experience, however, you need to complete your fireplace with a set of ceramic logs. Sculpted and painted to look like the real thing, ceramic logs glow when heated and give your room a mess-free, nostalgic atmosphere.

Why buy gas fireplace logs?

While standalone gas fireplaces have their decor already installed, people who opt to create their own get to choose how they want their fireplace to look. A gas fireplace without logs appears barren and industrial, counter to the mood most people wish to create. Ceramic logs also radiate heat, increasing the room’s warmth room and your fireplace’s efficiency.

Log types

  • Birch logs mimic the white, crisp look of birchwood. These logs look great in bright, modern rooms and, because of the cleanliness of gas fireplaces, they will retain their color indefinitely.
  • Brown logs offer a traditional look. Most manufacturers don’t label their brown logs with a species name. Brown logs offer a greater degree of realism, and their glow is easier to see and appreciate.
  • Burned logs look like wood previously exposed to fire. If you’re hoping to create the most realistic appearance possible, use burned logs.

Gas log sets vs. gas log kits

  • Gas logs sets are made to be stacked or otherwise positioned inside your fireplace. They include no built-in technology, burners, igniters or fans.
  • Gas log kits include everything you need to create your fireplace. From stones or lava rock to spread on the floor to thermostats and igniters, kits let you build your fireplace to your liking and hook up to your existing gas line. Because they include so many additional parts, kits are significantly more expensive than log sets.

Gas log kit ignition types

  • Manual ignitions require you to start your fireplace with a match or lighter. Because of this, they are sometimes referred to as “match ignitions.” While common, most people prefer not to have to reach into their fireplace to start it.
  • Battery-powered ignitions use a battery to generate a spark and set your fireplace aflame. This concept is familiar to anyone who has ever started a grill with the press of a button. Battery-powered ignitions are safe and convenient, but you do have to change the battery over time.

Thermostat control

Some gas log fireplace kits let you adjust their heat output with a thermostat. Many include a dial that can be adjusted manually to control the flow of gas to your fireplace. Others feature a remote control that lets you adjust the temperature from across the room.

Heat output

The heat emitted by a gas fireplace log kit is measured in British thermal units. It takes around 20 Btu to heat a single square foot of space. To determine how many Btu your fireplace should provide, take the square footage of the room where your fireplace will be installed and multiply it by 20. A fireplace that is too hot will make your room stuffy, while one that does not put out enough heat will be inefficient and ineffective.

Best gas logs

Best Barton Ceramic Log Set

Barton Ceramic Log Set

These eight stackable ceramic logs feature realistic bark and details that make them look like they were just chopped. This set is available in ash, birch or pine varieties. Sold by Amazon 

Best Avafort Gas Fireplace Logs

Avafort Gas Fireplace Logs 

Each log in this set of 10 is intricately textured and can be stacked however you choose. Select from a realistic burned option with brown bark or clean white birch. Sold by Amazon 

Best Hisencn Gas Fireplace Logs

Hisencn Gas Fireplace Logs 

Available in either brown or birch bark, these natural-looking logs come in a range of sizes. The smaller logs come in sets of 10, while the larger ones come in sets of six. Sold by Amazon

Best Gaspro Ceramic Logs for Gas Fireplace

Gaspro Ceramic Logs for Gas Fireplace 

These 10 logs stack tightly to easily fit into smaller fireplaces. Each log is 10 to 15 inches long and made of a lightweight ceramic that glows brilliantly when heated. Sold by Amazon

Best Stanbroil 10-Piece Set of Ceramic Wood Logs

Stanbroil 10-Piece Set of Ceramic Wood Logs

For those looking for something unusual, this set includes three pine cones in addition to seven logs. Its pieces are small enough to complement another set if you want to bring some campfire vibes into your living room. Sold by Amazon

Best Skyflame 8-Piece Set of Ceramic Wood Logs

Skyflame 8-Piece Set of Ceramic Wood Logs

With its largest piece measuring 13 inches long, this log set is ideal for small to medium fireplaces or outdoor fire pits. Each log is painted to look as though it has been partially burned. Sold by Amazon

Best gas log fireplace kits

Best HearthSense Mountain Oak Vented Gas Log Set

HearthSense Mountain Oak Vented Gas Log Set 

Available in 18- or 24-inch lengths, this set provides up to 55,000 Btu of heat and uses match ignition. It features multiple rows of burners to create a natural appearance.  Sold by Home Depot

Best HearthSense Thermostat-Controlled Country Oak Gas Log Set-2

HearthSense Thermostat-Controlled Country Oak Gas Log Set

This set of 24-inch ceramic logs emits 32,000 Btu of heat. You can control its temperature output via a thermostat and it features battery-powered ignition. Sold by Home Depot 

Best American Gas Log Cheyenne Glow Gas Fireplace Log Set with Complete Kit

American Gas Log Cheyenne Glow Gas Fireplace Log Set with Complete Kit

This set includes a gas burner, a grate, logs, sand, glowing embers, lava rock pebbles and gas connections. Choose from 18-, 24- or 30-inch lengths to best fit your fireplace. Sold by Home Depot 

Best Duluth Forge Gas Log Set

Duluth Forge Gas Log Set

With its battery-powered ignition and thermostat temperature control, this log set is perfect for those who want to enjoy their fireplace with as little fuss as possible. It’s 22 inches long and can emit up to 32,000 Btu of heat. Sold by Amazon

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