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Which light-up Pillow Pets are best?

While we no longer see them on late-night TV infomercials thanks to the popularity of streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, Pillow Pets are back with new styles and features. Light-up Pillow Pets seem to be one of the highest in demand, and it’s not hard to see why. 

From Disney characters to fluffy animals, you can find a Pillow Pet in just about any shape and size. For a comfortable light-up pillow pet for a “Paw Patrol” fan, Pillow Pets Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Marshall Sleeptime Lite is a sure bet.

What to know before you buy a light-up Pillow Pet

What are light-up Pillow Pets?

The brand slogan says, “It’s a pillow, it’s a pet, it’s a Pillow Pet.” True to the saying, this soft toy is both a pillow and a stuffed animal. All Pillow Pets are designed after a cute animal or fun character with an adorable face, including puppy, dinosaur, Olaf from “Frozen” or Toothless from “How To Train Your Dragon.” When the Velcro is attached, the Pillow Pet is a friendly stuffed pet. However, when you detach the Velcro, the Pillow Pet lays completely flat and becomes a pillow. 

While the original Pillow Pets didn’t have lights, this new design features star-shaped lights on the pet’s back. Kids can use them for fun or as a night-light. 

Types of Pillow Pets

There are four main types of Pillow Pets:

  • Original Pillow Pets don’t have any extra features. They can be used as a comfortable pillow or a stuffed pet. Many designs continue to be added, including new animals and movie characters. 
  • Sweet-scented Pillow Pets may look like the original Pillow Pets, but they have one distinct difference — they’re scented. A few examples include a banana-scented cow, a cotton candy-scented unicorn and a chocolate-scented moose.
  • You can spot a light-up Pillow Pet immediately due to its light cover featuring fun designs. Light-up Pillow Pets project colorful stars at night. Kids may prefer a light-up Pillow Pet over other types, since they can comfort anyone who’s afraid of the dark. It’s an ideal travel companion on airplanes, road trips or anywhere you may need a soothing pet.
  • Jumbo Pillow Pets are 30 inches, as opposed to other types of Pillow Pets, which range from 11-18 inches. They come in original style or scented. 

What to look for in a quality light-up Pillow Pet


While light-up Pillow Pets are fun and helpful for kids who don’t like the dark, they require three AAA batteries. If you don’t want to buy new batteries often, investing in rechargeable batteries is a smart idea. Using the 20-minute timer instead of keeping the lights on all night also cuts down on changing batteries so often.


Unlike original Pillow Pets, which are machine-washable, you can’t put light-up Pillow Pets in the washing machine. Instead, the company advises surface washing them only with a damp cloth.


Pillow Pets are made of high-quality chenille, which is a polyester blend. Pillow Pets also claims that all their stuffed friends are free of BPA and phthalates.

How much you can expect to spend on a light-up Pillow Pet

Depending on the size, type and features, light-up Pillow Pets cost $20-$40.

Light-up Pillow Pet FAQ

Do Pillow Pet lights stay on all night?

A. Most light-up Pillow Pets have several modes, including a timer that shuts off after 20 minutes and another mode that leaves the lights on all night. However, this may vary from one style to the next. 

How do you fold up a Pillow Pet?

A. To fold up a Pillow Pet, simply bend it in half and attach the Velcro, making sure the side with lights is on the top. 

What are the best light-up Pillow Pets to buy?

Top light-up Pillow Pet

Pillow Pet Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Marshall Sleeptime Lite

Pillow Pets Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Marshall Sleeptime Lite

What you need to know: “Paw Patrol” fans will enjoy playing and sleeping with this comfortable Marshall light-up Pillow Pet.

What you’ll love: This Pillow Pet comes with three different color modes and a 20-minute timer. With details like a firefighter hat and realistic uniform, anyone who loves “Paw Patrol” will adore this look-alike Pillow Pet. 

What you should consider: A few users have noticed that the 20-minute timer is longer than 20 minutes.

Where to buy: Sold by Macy’s

Top light-up Pillow Pet for the money

Pillow Pets Colorful Pink Unicorn Sleeptime Lite Plush

Pillow Pets Colorful Unicorn Plush Sleeptime Lite

What you need to know: This fuzzy light-up pink unicorn Pillow Pet is the perfect pal for anyone who feels uncomfortable with the dark.

What you’ll love: Since it folds up small and lays flat, you can bring this Pillow Pet along while traveling, at sleepovers or sleep with it at home. It’s also free of BPA and phthalates.

What you should consider: If it’s kept on all night, this Pillow Pet goes through a lot of batteries.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Pillow Pets Disney Rockin the Dot Minnie Mouse Sleeptime Lite

Pillow Pets Disney Rockin the Dots Minnie Mouse Sleeptime Lite

What you need to know: With adorable polka dots on Minnie’s bow and the pillow, this light-up Pillow Pet makes an ideal companion for Disney fans.

What you’ll love: The glowing light cover features Minnie Mouse in her iconic red polka-dotted dress, and the pillow itself has a polka dot bow. There are three light modes, three color modes and a timer.

What you should consider: If the lights stop working, there’s no way to fix it or change out light bulbs.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Macy’s


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