NEW ORLEANS, La. — Federal agents seized hundreds of counterfeit items during a sting at the Final Four NCAA championships over the weekend.

Agents worked with the Louisiana Bureau of Investigation to identify flea markets, retail outlets and street vendors selling counterfeit goods and unlicensed apparel during the tournament.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement investigators said they seized 384 items worth more than $375,000 in the first four days of April.

They said they seized fake jerseys, hats, cell-phone accessories, and hundreds of other fake items.

The items may have copyrighted logos and wording printed on them, or contain other intellectual property.

“Large-scale events like the NCAA championships provide opportunities for transnational criminal organizations to profit from illicit activity. Our goal is to disrupt this activity and protect consumers,” Jeb Bison, HSI New Orleans Deputy Special Agent in Charge, said.