TOPEKA (KSNT)- K-State football is ranked 16th in the country in the preseason AP Poll.

The ‘Cats ranking wasn’t thrown off by an accidental error in the original release of the preseason rankings.

When the poll was first released, on Monday, the Wildcats had 501 points from voters. Down the road, the Jayhawks did not make the top 25 but did receive ten points.

Wildcat fans were less than thrilled with Jordan Crammer, a voter from North Carolina. Why? Crammer, when the original rankings were released, had KU at No. 16 on her list and did not include Kansas State. Or so viewers thought.

Crammer responded on social media when a fan asked about the decision.

“Already reached out to the AP Rep,” she said. “I had Kansas State and they inputted Kansas accidentally. It’s being changed.”

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The AP poll gives one point to the 25th ranked team, two to the 24th, three to the 23rd and so on. So, the error with Crammer’s rankings gave the Jayhawks all ten of their votes.

The error has now been fixed on the AP Poll and the Wildcats have 511 votes. KU football no longer is receiving votes. The Jayhawks did receive one vote in the coaches poll last week.

K-State is over 100 ‘points’ behind the 15th ranked team, and nearly 100 ‘points’ ahead of the 17th ranked team, so the mistake did not affect its ranking.

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The No. 16 spot is the highest preseason ranking for K-State since 2004.