‘It’s bad for basketball:’ Big 12 announces new officiating rules for upcoming season

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KSNT) – Big 12 officials have new basketball rules to get used to this season.

A common issue for fans, players and spectators was the charge foul. Now, a defensive player cannot jump in front of an offensive player to draw a charge if the offensive player has already begun their scoring motion. Simply put, if the player goes for a lay-up, a defender cannot jump in front of them at the last second to draw a charge. That will now be a defensive foul.

“The idea of a defensive player being able to step in at the last second, when an offensive player is already committed and can’t do anything different, and draw a charge just doesn’t seem right on our side of the game,” Curtis Shaw, Big 12 coordinator of men’s basketball officials, said.

The Euro step, step-back and spin move will not be considered travelling.

“It’s bad for basketball,” Shaw said.

The Big 12 did not come up with this rule, but it did propose an interpretation of the traveling rule that would allow for an extra step.

“We wanted to put in more of an interpretation, where the foot on the ground when you’re in the dribble is the ‘zero foot.’ Then you’re allowed one-two, which by rule, you’re allowed two steps. That would have made all these plays legal. It would have made it easy for fans to officiate. It would have made it great for the media and the fans to understand what we were doing, but now, instead of taking a rule and writing it properly, we came up with an improvement that says ‘Eh, technically they’re not legal, but let’s just let them do it.'”

Curtis Shaw, Big 12 coordinator of men’s basketball officials

This guideline will make it impossible to defend players, Shaw said.

“I’m still going to have the same game, but I’m going to keep [these rules] in mind when I got the ball,” K-State guard Mike McGuirl said.

“Unless it’s so obvious that he took three steps backwards, or on a spin move he not once dribbled, he just kept running, you’re not going to see any of them called,” Shaw said. “It’s too hard to discern. You’re going to catch too much grief if you call one, and then a similar play happens and you don’t. So, I think the referees got put in a real box with this interpretation.”

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