INDIANAPOLIS (KSNT) – The NCAA unanimously approved recommendations from its constitution committee on Thursday.

Maybe one of the biggest changes is clarifying language that ensures “to the greatest extent possible” any imposed penalties do not punish programs or athletes who were not involved or implicated in the infractions, according to ESPN’s Heather Dinich. This is a direct response to the long investigations that are not resolved until after the individuals who committed the violations have left that program.

This case has happened to multiple programs in the past few months, including Oklahoma State men’s basketball and Massachusetts men’s basketball and women’s tennis.

Schools must also make their name, image and likeness (NIL) policies public.

“This process has been an example of how we can work together to modernize college sports and meet the needs of students engaged in intercollegiate athletics — today and for the future,” Georgetown President Jack DeGioia wrote in a memo to the NCAA’s schools and conferences. “The ratification of a new constitution in January will unlock the ability for the divisions to rewrite rules for each division by August that will enable us to realize the goal of transforming NCAA governance to better serve our students.”

The NCAA will vote on the new constitution Jan. 20. If the constitution is formally adopted, each of the NCAA’s three divisions will have to ensure its rules fit the new ones. The new constitution would go into effect Aug. 1.