TOPEKA (KSNT)- Joe Otting’s time with Hayden High School has come to a close.

Otting is gearing up for his next chapter, as he’ll head to South Bend to join the Notre Dame football team next week.

“The biggest accomplishment I want to get is to earn that degree, I’d start from there and then hopefully my next dream is to be in the NFL and work towards that and also be a key aspect to the Fighting Irish football team,” Otting said.

He says he’ll always cherish his time with the Hayden Wildcats.

“The Hayden community means so much to me. I’ve always been in it, since my brother was in high school,” Otting said. “Just always went to the games and always loved going to basketball games as well. It’s something that not too many people experience but once you’re in that community it’s a different type of feel and a different tight knit community.”

Otting says he would advise young athletes to try a number of sports instead of playing just one. He played basketball and participated in track and field at Hayden. He also played baseball growing up.

He hopes to be an inspiration for young athletes in Topeka who see his path and know they should chase their dreams.

27 News has been following Otting’s journey for years now and was the only news station to interview him the day he announced his commitment to Notre Dame.