K-State’s Dishon ready for his shot in the NFL


HORTON, Kan. (KSNT) – Trey Dishon has had the underdog mentality since he can remember. He only had one D1 offer out of Horton high and that didn’t come until a week before signing day. Now, the former K-State team captain is ready to show the Cincinnati Bengals that he deserves a spot.

“I talk to my buddies and people nowadays and say, you know, what would my life be like if I would have never got that one scholarship,” Dishon reminisced.

One chance is all it takes, and Dishon made the most of it in manhattan, now he gets to show Cincinnati what he’s showed wildcat fans the last four years and try to make an nfl roster

“It’s just been such a blessing man, I never thought this would have came, you know, sitting right here talking and going through all of this.”

Long before the Bengals called or even K-State, he was just a kid with a passion and the right work ethic.

“I just think back to that and I’m like football was everything to him, he just loved playing and it’s just been exciting, it’s really been exciting,” Kim Dishon, Trey’s mom, said.

“When I was younger, I did a lot of work, just extra work on my own, just seeing myself up to be who I wanted to be and I think that’s really what helped me, pushing myself as a kid,” the All-Big 12 defensive tackle said.

One scholarship earned here turned into an elite career in purple, but his mindset never changed, and won’t at the next level.

“Just the underdog, do my job type of mentality, I think that’s what got me a long ways from Horton to manhattan and now moving on.”

Horton gave him that persona and he wouldn’t be here without them. Although it still feels like a dream to him, he wants kids from small towns like him to know this can be a reality,

“What it means to me now, just showing kids that, or anyone, Horton or wherever showing them that it’s possible. It takes work, it takes dedication, it takes discipline, and it can be done.”

Dishon has his work cut out for him to make an NFL team, but if he does catch on with the Bengals, their first preseason game is at Arrowhead. Dishon grew up a chiefs fan, his family has season tickets. That could be special.

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