K-State’s Peyton Williams reflects on experience with U.S. team


Peyton Williams never thought she’d be representing the U.S. on a basketball court, but that’s exactly what she did this summer. Now, she’s ready to take that experience and put what she learned on display in Manhattan.

“I mean there were times on this trip when I was like this is crazy, I would never,” Williams laughed.

It’s only crazy until you do it, and the k-state senior’s amazing summer culminating in a silver medal at the Pan American games was a lot to take in for the Topeka native.

“That was part of my journey through all this, reassuring myself that I’m good enough to be here over and over again. When you’re with the best it’s hard,” Williams said.

K-State head coach Jeff Mittie also made the trip but it wasn’t something he thought he’d be doing with Williams when she first got to campus.

“Would I have expected her to make a USA team? I’d probably be lying if I said yes. Yea I saw it the whole time, I have that eye.

coming from Cair Paravel in Topeka, one of the smaller high schools in the area, it was hard to judge her skill level, but just as she did for team USA, she proved she belonged with the best.

“This kid is’ better than what we’ve seen, maybe we don’t know where her ceiling is.”

They know now, and Williams is using this experience to better herself and take the cats further heading into the 2019 season.

“I think that carries over here as well. When you’re on the court, making sure you give 110 percent because when you’re representing USA, obviously, we wanted to do our very best and that’s the same here.”

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