NEW YORK (WDAF) — A day after the University of Kansas placed head football coach Les Miles on administrative leave, Peter Ginsberg, Miles’ attorney, is calling the action “disturbing and unfair.”

In a statement, Ginsberg said that LSU, Miles’ former school, had conducted a an “extensive and thorough” investigation into the allegations eight years ago, conducted by the Taylor Porter law firm, and concluded that Miles did not engage in any sexual harassment conduct.

Ginsberg went on to say that the NCAA’s newest report conducted by Husch Blackwell has nothing to do with Miles and that the firm did not interview the Kansas head coach or any other witnesses and only second-guessed the previous report.

He said that Kansas’ decision to place Miles on administrative leave is unfair and that the school had performed their due diligence before his hiring.


The events of the past twenty-four hours are deeply disturbing. Eight years ago,
LSU hired Taylor Porter, a preeminent law firm, to conduct an extensive and
thorough investigation of allegations lodged at Les Miles. Under the guidance of
one of the nation’s leaders in the area of gender discrimination and harassment,
Taylor Porter concluded that Coach Miles did not engage in any conduct that
constituted sexual harassment and that there were no grounds to discipline Coach

Now, eight years later, LSU, in the wake of enormous pressure from the NCAA for
conduct that has nothing to do with Coach Miles, issued a report conducted by
Husch Blackwell. The report revealed no new evidence. Indeed, Husch Blackwell
did not even bother to interview Coach Miles or many other key witnesses but,
instead, second-guessed the Taylor Porter findings and conclusions without
providing any basis for doing so.

Bending to the winds of media blowback, Kansas has now decided to put Coach
Miles on administrative leave. Before the release of the reports this week, Kansas
had been provided with significant information supporting Taylor Porter’s
conclusions. KU also had performed thorough due diligence before hiring Coach
Miles. Kansas’ decision to put Les Miles on administrative leave is both disturbing
and unfair. To fail to recognize that a person’s career should not be compromised
by unsubstantiated allegations hardly is consistent with the example an institution of
higher learning should champion.