LAWRENCE, Kan. (KSNT)- At Saturday’s University of Kansas football half time show, Gale Sayers was honored after passing away at the age of 77.

The ‘Kansas Comet’ set numerous records at KU and made it into the NFL Hall of Fame. To his family, this statue means so much more.

“It’s a tremendous tribute,” said Roger Sayers, Gale’s brother. “Gale is always going to be a Jayhawk and this solidifies it. This is just the cherry on top.”

Sayer’s brother and daughter both said they are honored to see the statue revealed. They appreciate all the hard work the athletic program put in to make it happen. KU Athletics is showing respect to all that Sayers brought to Kansas.

“Gale was a trailblazer on the field and throughout his life,” Jeff Long said, KU Athletic Director. “And that continues today.”

Sayers is the first African American to be recognized with a statue at Memorial Stadium.