HOUSTON (KSNT)- Kansas football has hit a sudden stoppage in their game against Houston due to severe weather.

The Jayhawks and Cougars are tied at 14-14 with 14:07 left in the second quarter. Lightning in the area caused both teams to hit the locker room. Kansas was driving down the field and had second and goal on the Houston five yard live when the delay hit.

Kansas had a rough start to the game. Houston scored 14 straight points to go up early. However, the ‘Hawks responded with two scores of their own to tie it. KU scored its first touchdown on a 12-yard run by quarterback Jalon Daniels. They evened the game on a Daniel Highshaw 8-yard run.

The delay will be at least 30 minutes. More severe weather in the area could cause the game to pause for a longer period of time.

UPDATE: The game resumed at 5:09 p.m. after a 70 minute delay.