LAWRENCE (KSNT) – KU held a press conference on Wednesday after the Independent Accountability Resolution Process announced findings for a long-standing investigation.

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“We do things the right way at the University of Kansas and that will continue to be a hallmark as we move ahead,” Goff said.

“The findings that the panel found reiterate that our staff acted with integrity and honesty and had no knowledge of payments to student-athletes.”

Athletic director Travis Goff and KU head men’s basketball coach Bill Self spoke to reporters in Allen Fieldhouse on Wednesday.

“I’m very happy that it’s over,” Self said. “I’m certainly happy with the end result and at the same time don’t feel like a celebration mode because this is exactly what we thought the result would be years ago and it’s taken years [to finalize it.”

KU vacated wins, including a Final Four. Bill Self said he thought this decision was fair, and he expected it.

“We’ve had a longstanding commitment to rules and compliance” Goff said. “…As the world of college athletics has evolved we continue to keep compliance front and center and we’ve done so in NIL and every other aspect.”

“The unknown was probably as much of a penalty as anything,” Self said on the six-year period of waiting. “The penalties that were imposed today were basically the vacation of wins. The three-years probation, and other penalties, were self imposed penalties.”