LAWRENCE (KSNT) – Bill Self spoke in a press conference on Monday, but opted not to say much about the recent arrest of one of his players.

Arterio Morris was arrested for charges of rape on Friday, Sept. 29 and dismissed from the KU men’s basketball team. At that time, Bill Self put out a statement.

“When we learned of allegations regarding Arterio Morris, he was suspended from the Kansas men’s basketball program. We are now aware he has been arrested and charged, and he was dismissed from the program. As this is an ongoing legal matter, we are not able to comment further at this time,” Kansas head coach Bill Self said Friday.

On Monday, Self was asked multiple times about the recent arrest and dismissal.

“I’ve already said I’m not talking about that,” Self said when a reporter asked about the process which lead to him being comfortable welcoming Morris onto the team. “I made a [statement] and that comment will stand because there’s an ongoing deal going on and I’m certainly not going to get into anything else other than what’s already been stated.”

When Morris joined the KU basketball team, he had an outstanding court case for accusations of assault involving his ex-girlfriend. That case was closed with a plea of ‘no contest’ and Morris paid a fine. The news of the rape accusation on KU’s campus broke the following day.

“It was obviously well-vetted,” Self said when asked again about the process of welcoming Morris onto the team.

Self was also asked when he learned the allegations against Morris and when Morris was removed from the team. Coach shut down the topic at this time.

“I’ve said all I’m going to say,” Self said. “You guys can ask and your questions are fair, but I’ve been instructed the correct way to handle this. Even though it may not please those that are asking the questions it’s still the best way. Everything that’s been said has been said, and what was said was not much… but until this is complete there’s not much you can say.”