Watch Kansas’ 2008 Orange Bowl win on Fox 43

Kansas Jayhawks

LAWRENCE, Kan. (KSNT) – The 2008 Orange Bowl reairs Saturday at 2 PM on Fox 43. The Kansas Jayhawks defeated Virginia Tech 24-21 in that game.

“Kind of an exclamation point on something that we were building from the beginning,” said Cesar Rodriguez, who was a starting offensive lineman for the team.

“Driving the ball down to the goal line and taking a knee at the end was kind of a culmination of five years of hard work and for all the guys that were with us four to five years to see them just knee the ball down and end the game the way we wanted to we just showed the country that we were a top 10 team,” said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez says the build to get there is what makes it so satisfying.

“We started off being 6-6 and then had a couple of down years and then gradually grew from 6-6 to 7-5 and then finally kind of turned everything around.”

The team also wasn’t filled with 5 star recruits.

“A lot of guys were just two to three stars that kind of wanted to go somewhere where they could play and prove, hey, I can still play in the Big 12,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez plans to watch the game tomorrow with his fellow offensive lineman.

“We’re gonna have a little zoom meeting with about 10 other offensive lineman Saturday to watch the game and someone’s gonna video it and we’re just just gonna kind of critique everybody and kind of laugh at who makes bad plays and kind of just have a good time with it.”

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