KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KSNT) – The Sunflower Showdown has ties in the Chiefs’ locker room.

Defensive end Azur Kamara went to KU, and linebacker Elijah Lee went to K-State. Lee has been keeping up with the ‘Cats all season.

“I feel like the fellas’ got a lot at stake,” Lee said. “There’s no pressure going into KU week. Everything’s out the door. You never know what they’re going to come with. It’s exciting. You get to beat up on the little brother from time to time. I feel like this year is the right year to beat up on them even a little bit more, to have that motivation going into what’s ahead.”

He’s noticed how much fun the defense is having.

“Their stats are proving it,” he said. “That defense is, I don’t know if I’ve seen anything like it since I started watching K-State football since 2010. You’ve got Daniel Green rolling. You’ve got Felix, one of the KC kids. You’ve got Nate Matlack. The whole team’s clicking.”

The Chiefs have meetings Saturday night, but Lee will be watching the game on his phone.