MANHATTAN, Kan. (KSNT) – Now-former K-State running back Deuce Vaughn was compared to Wildcat Hall of Famer Darren Sproles as soon as he got on campus. Both are explosive, shifty backs that are shorter than the average NFL player.

Vaughn lived up to the hype, amassing record yards in just three years in Manhattan. The instant success of Deuce’s game brought him a personal connection with Sproles.

After Vaughn announced he was entering the 2023 NFL Draft, the advice he got from Sproles, who spent 14 seasons in the league, was simple:

Be yourself and catch punts.

“He said it’s going to be the easiest, most fastest way to get on the football field,” Vaughn said about Sproles’ advice to catch punts. “Not a lot of guys do it, not a lot of guys are good at it. It’s one way to put yourself in space and showcase what you’re able to do.”

Vaughn has taken the advice to heart.

“For the past three months, I’ve been catching punts almost every single day that I can,” Vaughn said. “Now, I’m starting to get comfortable with it.”