NEW YORK (KSNT)- Jerome Tang has proven to be unlike other college basketball coaches in many ways.

Tang stood on the scorers table and yelled out to fans after K-State beat KU. He openly shares his faith. On Saturday, after K-State’s season came to an end, Tang did something else you hardly ever see.

The Wildcats first-year head coach made the walk to Florida Atlantic’s locker room. The Owls had just ended the Wildcats’ season. Tang didn’t go talk to FAU out of bitterness. He delivered words of encouragement to the group that just shattered K-State’s hopes of a trip to Houston for the Final Four.

A source tells 27 News that Tang told FAU’s players they were the toughest team K-State has played all year. He told the Owls he’s rooting for them.

Tang has proven all year he handles success differently than most coaches. On Saturday, the man in charge of Wildcat basketball proved he handles losing different than most coaches, too.