TOPEKA (KSNT)- Two K-State basketball players traveled to Topeka on Wednesday to help out at the Washburn men’s basketball kids camp.

Ismael Massoud and Cam Carter both made the trip over from Manhattan. Massoud is one of just two returners from last year’s teaM and Carter comes to K-State as a transfer from Mississippi State.

Both players are hoping to be the start of a special turnaround as a new era of Kansas State basketball begins.

“I feel like it’s a fresh start, new beginning.” Massoud said. “We feel like you always have something to prove and that’s the type of guys we want. No one’s really picking us because it’s a new team, new coaching staff, but we feel like if we do what we’re supposed to do it it won’t matter what they say at the end.”

Carter says he was welcomed to K-State by a group of K-State coaches, players and others involved in the program when he first got to town. After an underwhelming freshman year at Mississippi State, he comes to KSU with hopes of proving to the basketball world he can play at the next level.

“I’m just trying to win, make the tournament, do something I’ve never done before,” Carter said. “I see it on TV and I want to be there.”

Carter said Jerome Tang made it clear he wanted him to come to Manhattan. The genuine desire for the sophomore guard to join the team combined with Tang’s willingness to help Carter reach his NBA dreams is what brought him to K-State.