MANHATTAN, KS. (KSNT)- Kansas State football will have more than a couple new faces at offensive line this fall.

Josh Rivas, Ben Adler and Noah Johnson were all starters and key pieces to the 2021 offensive line. Those three have all moved on. K-State will need new big men to step up in the blocking game.

Cooper Beebe is the biggest name returning within that group and he’s taken it upon himself to up his leadership role.

“I have the most experience on the offensive line right now,” Beebe said. “I’ve definitely stepped up in that role. Last year obviously we had Rivas, Adler and Noah [Johnson] and we lost a huge part but I think I’ve done a great job stepping up, fulfilling that role.”

The ‘Cats have new guys on the offensive line who will do their job and then some, Beebe says.

“I’d really say a couple dude’s that have really impressed me is Taylor [Poitier] and Hadley [Panzer],” Beebe said.

He went into further detail on Poitier.

“Obviously Taylor, coming off his injury and getting back into it he’s super explosive. He’s super powerful, I’m excited to have him back.”

And on Panzer.

“He’s huge. He man-handles people,” Beebe said.

Klein will tell you Beebe’s impact on the offensive line is huge.

“He’s an absolute stud,” Klein said. “Top to bottom he’s always helping. Just being able to communicate, help lead those guys, solve problems before they happen and know where a possible mistake or bust is going to happen and eliminate it before it happens. And obviously being extremely gifted and hardworking, he’s all around top shelf.”

The new quarterback, Adrian Martinez, is happy with the offensive line he’ll be playing behind, and with offensive line coach Conor Riley.

“Those dudes are legit,” Martinez said. “I have a lot of confidence not only in them but also in Coach Riley. Some of the schemes we have and the way that those guys attack every day, nothing but confidence in those guys.”