ARLINGTON, Texas (KSNT)- K-State football fans are ready to roll for the Big 12 Championship game on Saturday in Arlington, Texas.

“What better time to be a Wildcat?” K-State graduate Cole Hickerson said.

K-State plays TCU for a Big 12 title on Saturday at 11 a.m. in the home of the Dallas Cowboys, AT&T Stadium.

“K-State football has always been a huge part of my life,” K-State graduate Levi Caffrey said. “[K-State] fans realize this doesn’t come around every year. I think that’s why we take advantage of these good opportunities we have to come out and show how much we care about this team and this university.”

The energy around K-State sports extends past just football right now.

“You have Coach Tang bringing in the hype around basketball,” Hickerson said. “K-State sports playing for a Big 12 title. We’re top ten in the country. Things are exciting.”

One thing is for sure: Between TCU and K-State fans, AT&T Stadium will be filled with purple.