Pound the Stone: Coach Klieman’s secret weapon to mental success

Kansas State Wildcats

Ben Newman is a performance coach and a keynote speaker and he’s been with coach Chris Klieman for a while, and he talked to KSNT News a little more about what it means to pound the stone at K-State

You first saw it in Newman’s hand. You’ve seen it all over the field ! but how did pound the stone and the hammer come to be? It all started in North Dakota.

“I think back to five years ago when coach Klieman brings me in for the first time, North Dakota State’s won four championships in a row and you’re going what’re you bringing me in for, right? You dont need a guy like me! and he gave me an hour, and that hour turned into five years later having this opportunity and now being a part of the k-state family,” Newman said.

Newman is always there to fire up the ‘cats and make sure they’re mentally prepared.

“It’s all about connecting to the individual heart of every player, understanding their minds, what they think about, how we can get them to think about what they’re capable of achieving, understanding the daily disciplines, and going to work one day at a time.”

Newman also does work with the Alabama football, but he doesn’t compare the two

“We always talk about pounding the stone, they’ve showed up every single day, they’re doing the work and what’s happening is the results come, rather than holding on to the results you can’t control or trying to be some other team, no we’re going to be the best K-State team, and this is our opportunity to play in December.”

When K-State does take the field tomorrow, it wont be different than any other game they’ve played, it’s just another opportunity to stack good days

“Man I’ve been waiting to say something for a long time now…Finish!! Finish!! Pound the stone!”

One thing not included in the story is that the actual hammer was initially made by Newman as well, but check the video below to see that tale.

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